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A dream came true

Camp Bastian Mikumi is a family-owned safari camp that was established in 2015. It started as a small piece of land and has now turned into a lush oasis just next to Mikumi National Park. 


Our aim is to make a true difference to our guests while staying with us in Camp Bastian and in Tanzania in general. We are striving to make sure that our guests feel at home by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in our camp.


We are still developing the camp by expanding and improving our facilities every day.


The camp consists of 18 cottages and a campsite. All is located within the unique and natural settings of Camp Bastian. No matter which type of accommodation you choose, you will wake up listening to uninterrupted sounds of beetles, crickets and birds.


During your stay at Camp Bastian Mikumi you will meet our well-trained and service-minded staff. The team is always at your service and your special needs are at our greatest concern. We have employed more than 50 local permanent staff members not to mention casual laborers. This is our way of injecting money back into the community and improving the welfare of its people.


We are serving homemade food made from locally grown and produced products. Our food is always freshly made, and every day we are preparing a special menu with some different options to choose from. It's important for us to avoid food waste as well as ensuring that the food we are serving is fresh and tasty. Our menu is based on these principles and you will taste the difference!

The family behind the camp

Camp Bastian Mikumi is a family-owned safari camp that is the result of hard work and dreams that ended up coming true. But who are we?


We are Ditte and Gabriel Mwakalukwa. A married couple that met in Tanzania many years ago. Back then we could only dream of opening the camp and had no idea that those dreams would turn into the camp you see today.

The Mwakalukwa family behind the camp

And what about that name?

Bastian is not just a random name, but in fact the name of our oldest child. He was only a couple of years old when we had to decide what to call the safari camp. Naturally, his name struck our minds. Since then his younger sister, Gertrud, was born turning the family into four. 

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